Hindi Typing Chart

In this article, we are going to explain how can you fully utilize the Hindi Typing Chart and improve your typing speed and accuracy. Hindi Typing is slightly difficult in comparison to English Typing because of the presence of more alphabetic letters.

We will explain what can you do to improvise your typing speed according to exam requirements. We are going to explain the scheme of things. There are two typing layouts in popularity one is the Remington layout with KrutiDev font and the other is Mangal Font with two layouts Remington and Inscript layout.

Hindi Typing Chart
Hindi Typing Chart

In Krutidev font you can use ALT code to print Hindi text combinations these ALT combination helps by typing those letters which are not present on the keyboard layout. Additionally few letters which are printable through keyboard keys could also be typed using ALT key combinations.

Whereas In the Inscript layout, all letters are printable through keyboard keys available without any need to use alt combination keys.

Hindi Typing Chart PDF Download

 PDF Download * KrutiDev Font

 PDF Download * Inscript (Mangal Font)

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