About Us

My name is Jayveer Singh and I have done engineering in computer science. Basically, I am a resident of Gudam, a small village in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state of India, since the last 7 years, I am working as a network engineer in a different company.

Jayveer Singh Negi
Jayveer Singh

Along with this, I have always been interested in blogging, right now I am running only two sites out of which this is my second site, and also due to my interest, I started this website with a friend of mine. 

This website is completely based on the requirements for official employees requirements to convert different types of fonts mostly unicode to krutidev or Krutidev to unicode. Because we are busy with jobs throughout the day, we are able to give less time to this website, but at the same time, we publish the article with complete research, but still, if there is any mistake then you can talk to us in the comment below the article.

About UnicodeToKrutidev

On UnicodeToKrutidev, the site provides tools like converters of different types of fonts, typing master etc.

  1. Unicode to Krutidev 010
  2. Krutidev 010 to Unicode
  3. Mangal to Krutidev 010
  4. Krutidev 010 to Magal

As lots of people don’t know Magal and Unicode fonts are the same so here we write them differently.

The UnicodeToKrutidev website has been launched on 03/03/2023 and it is the mission of this website is to provide different types of fonts and convert the fonts as requirements of users.


UnicodeToKrutidevConverter.Com is committed to letting users know that if an error remains, you can contact us on the Contact Us page of the website and it will be corrected transparently.

If you have any questions or suggestions then you can contact us on contact@unicodetokrutidevconverter.com

Thank you…